DirectedAI for those Managing

Your time is taken up coordinating with your field sales team for simple CRM tasks

Quickly get the information from your emails with your sales people into your CRM without any new add-ons or applications.

Send others the information you want updated in Salesforce

Send the opportunity and the fields you want updated from your mobile work force. They can simply reply to the email with the updated info and your virtual Salesforce admin will enter it for you.

Reduce the time to update entire reports.

Ask your virtual admin to send out an opportunity report for updating and the AI will do all the work. An email with the appropriate records will be sent individually to each salesperson which allows them to simply reply with the changes and get it updated into CRM.

Quickly add the contents of an email conversation into Salesforce from any device.

Forward long email threads to your Virtual Admin and tell it to add the details to an opportunity or quickly relate it to Contacts or even Accounts.

AI training and support

Our staff of developers, data scientist and machine learning experts can assist in ensuring your AI is accurate and efficient

Easy to Get Started

Easily start using your emails to access your by just signing up and logging into your, that's it!