DirectedAI for Email Reminders

You Should Control your Inbox, Not the Other Way Around

Want to take control of your inbox back? Let DirectedAI’s email reminder assistant organize your emails on a schedule that fits your life. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Like Having an Assistant Tap You on the Shoulder

How many times have you realized, too late, that you have forgotten to follow-up on an email thread because it has been lost in your inbox? Email Reminders by DirectedAI always reminds you about your pending email, at a date and time that you specify

Close more deals

Easily set reminders to follow-up with your prospects about the current sales campaign. Never let any of your sales work go to waste.

Keep on top of your emails, not buried beneath them

Got an email about an upcoming bill payment while you are out? Let Email Reminders remind you when you can better action the request.

Works in your email

Email Reminders is entirely done using email, which is the way you work. No need to install a plugin, or download another app, and it works with all email clients on any device. Get used to a better way of getting things done.